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Our goal is to make sure every customer can easily understand what our recommendations are and why we are making them. To help us accomplish this, we have attached your own Vehicle Condition Report that shows you what our technicians saw today and includes any recommendations. You can click on the link to see the report.

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Vehicle Condition Report Example

Not exactly as shown.

2017 Honda CR-V

License Plate: CESL 918

Mileage In: 117,167


Vanessa P. | Service Writer

Auto Care Plus

7878 Yonge St


Inspection Performed By:

Aaron S. | Technician


John Sample


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John Sample #0024


Oil and lube service; squealing brakes

Engine oil
Power steering fluid
Transmission fluid
Brake fluid
Dash warning light
Washer system
Heating & A/C controls
All front lights functioning
All rear lights functioning
Drive belts
Radiator, hoses/clamps
Heater hoses/clamps
Air conditioning hoses
Air filter
Positive crankcase ventilation
Spark plugs
Ignition coil and wires
Front brake lines/hoses
Rear brake calipers
Rear brake lines/hoses
Steering components
Front suspension components
Front joints and linkages
Front struts
Front springs
Front wheel bearings
Rear suspension components
Rear shocks
Rear joints and linkages
Rear U-joint
Check rear differential for leaks
Rear wheel bearings
Exhaust manifold
Catalytic converter
Exhaust pipes
Body damage
Front tire condition
Front tire tread wear
Driver side tread depth: 12/32
Passenger side tread depth: 12/32
Front tire pressure
Front passenger side pressure set to: 35
Front driver side pressure set to: 35
Tire balance
Rear tire condition
Rear tire tread wear
Rear driver side tread depth: 13/32
Rear passenger side tread depth: 13/32
Rear tire pressure
Driver side rear tire pressure: 35
Passenger side rear tire pressure: 35
Tire balance
Off Season Tire Condition
Front tires tread depth: 7/32
Rear tires tread depth: 8/32
Second set of tires type: Summer
Tie rods
Intermediate shaft
Front sway bar links
Ball joints
Drive shaft and U joints

Additional Parts Needed
Finding: See notes

Recommendation: Other

Front brake pads
Finding: Service

Recommendation: Other

Front brake calipers
Finding: Service

Recommendation: Other

Check for engine oil leaks
Finding: Oil pan leak

Recommendation: Other

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